Thursday, December 19, 2013

BREIC Mike Dietz Real Estate Team!!!

What a season!  Things are going great.  We are going to have a come as you are Holiday party tomorrow the 20th at the Firehouse.  We will ask Connie if we can spill over into her space as it is cooold out there.  Bring whatever you want or nothing at all!  If no one shows up I will just have a glass of wine and go home and let the week long holiday begin.  Stop by any time after work. I will be ready to party.  Today is my wife's anniversary.  I seem to just be the guy that has been along the past 37 years and loving it.  I have Parkensons.  It is a pain in the butt but it is what it is.  It has made me much more deliberate in my work.  I am a better Realtor because of it.

Eric Dunn is joining us in the closit at the Firehouse.  I like to say we all come out of the closit each day.  Eric is a smart guy who can relate to any socioeconomic group.  I look forward to him kicking the whole team in the pants.  We are so happy to be at Wendy Works Realty.

Don't forget the get together tomorrow after work..............Don't make me the lonley one.  We have some great deals on distressed properties talk to us.  Mike Robby Bob Andrea and Eric

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