Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mike Dietz Realtor / Boise Real Estate Investment Club

A Kinder and Gentler Mike.  

That is what I'm going for.  Don't forget we have changed the monthly meeting place to Stewart Title on River street next to Cottomwood Grill.  The time is the same 6 PM the first Tuesday of the month. I hope to see everyone.  The most recent listings are a Fourplex on White Cloud for $249,900 and a investors dream at 2317 W Norcrest Dr for $138,000. 3 BR 2 BA 1254 SF.  20' shed covered back and front porch  RV parking Commercial gas stove wood stove incert2 car garage.  The projected value when given a face lift is $165,000.  Let me know if you are interested and I will arrange a walk through. 

We have an interesting General Meeting coming up.  Arrive a bit early and get a great seat.  If you know of an interesting person that we would find interesting give us their contact information and we will set them up for a speaker in 2015.  Let's work together to make 2015 the most successful year ever!


Mike Dietz Realtor GRI
WendyWorks  Realty

Mike Dietz

Thursday, October 2, 2014

BREIC Boise Real Estate Investment Club

Hello Friends

Things are crazy now!  Lots of interest and inquiries.  The scuttle buzz out there  is that there are lots of distressed properties ready to hit the market.  The lenders have been holding back inventory.  There is going to be a flood and we are going to have our snorkels on.  The Mike Dietz  team is gearing up and fine tuning our prospecting plan to generate many properties  that our clients can jump on.  Sign up as a client of the Mike Dietz Real Estate Team and you will get first shot at purchasing homes that we get under contract. 

Summer is over and we are back to Stewart Title Except the location has  changed.  We are meeting as of October 7th at Stewart on River St next to Cottonwood.  Same time 6 PM.  We have been meeting for almost 14 years. I have been investing in Real Estate since the 70"s.  Would you trust your investment future with a start up group or people that don't have investments or are currently investing?  During this time we have seen the market come and go and investors become quite successful and we have seen Investors Tank.  To maintain a competitive edge come to the monthly General Meetings, keep up on your education, and network with other Investors at the meeting. 

Go with the BEST WendyWorks Realty,  The Mike Dietz Real Estate Team, and the BREIC!!!


Mike Dietz Realtor GRI
WendyWorks Realty