Tuesday, October 29, 2013

BREIC Mike Dietz RE Team

HI all,
Don't forget that Wine Wednesday is tomorrow!  Five PM to Six PM we open some wine before its time and eat some poo poos  which just might be a bag of chips brought by John Alder.  It is fun.  Bring a bit of a snack to share with the group and perhaps a bottle of your choice.  Give us a call  with any questions.
We have an interesting General Meeting in store for you November 5th.  Dave Lindahl's group will discuss how to make money the old fashioned way.  Use multi-family investments to reach financial security.  We meet the first Tuesday (Nov 5th) at 6 PM at Stewart Title on Emerald.  The program will be packed with useable information that you can build on.  Bring a friend.  Remember that there is no cost to them on their first visit.  You can even tell them the meeting is on your dime this one time!  Call with any questions.
Dave Lindahl’s General Meeting Event is Jam Packed with Loads
of Multi-Family Investing Secrets...
• Value Plays: What they are, and
why you absolutely MUST understand
• The two—and only two—ways
you can make more money
than you are now
• How you can Analyze a Multi-
Family property in less than 3
• 9 creative ways to increase
profits on multi-family properties.
• How to hire a good property
management company. (Folks,
you don't want to spend your
valuable time managing your
• My property management Rules
of Thumb will save you time
and trouble!
• How you can become a Millionaire
using 1031 Exchanges
in less than 4 moves!
• How to Find Motivated Sellers
to Call you to sell you their
• How it is Far Less Risky to
own Multi-Family Properties
as opposed to Single Family
apartment units as you like, and
NEVER deal with tenants!
• I’ll reveal my Strategies how
you can invest in apartments
even if you have no down payment,
and lousy credit.
• Sure, apartments deal with bigger
numbers than small
homes...but the profit’s way
bigger, too! I’ll show you how
my systems handle the big
numbers with ease.
• How apartments make you
wealthy safer and faster.
• 4 Essential Keys to successful
apartment house ownership
• 4 Key Reports you must have
on multi-family properties, to
keep you profitable
• My critical Multi-Family Formula
for property value
• The 4 Market Cycles: Find out
how to determine accurately
what stage of the market cycle
you're in at any time, in any
• What your 3 main objectives
should be when buying apartments.
Follow these, and you'll
become wealthy faster than
you ever dreamed.
• How to sell an apartment house
and defer all the tax on your
Thanks for the memories,
Fred P Schwartz

Wendy Works Realty / Mike Dietz Real Estate Team
BREIC www.BoiseRealEstateInvestmentclub.blogspot.com

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

BREIC Mike Dietz Real Estate Team

Hey there!
Things are popping along.  Cinderella and I had to go over to PDX this past week end as her mom is not doing very well.  Now seems to be the time to Buy or Sell.  This is a rare moment in time when this occurs.  Usually it is a Buyers  Or Sellers market.  So give us a call and let's get together and have a ball!  We always make time for the BREIC.
Wine Wednesday is tomorrow.  We meet from 5 to 6 PM at the Firehouse.  Sometimes we run over.  I have been known to go to Tastings after 6 PM and cap it off with wine tasting as well.  I hope to see as many people as possible tomorrow.  We are running out of warm evenings.  We will either have to move inside or go into hibernation until spring.
Mike, Robby, Andrea and sometimes Bob
Wendy Works Realty / Mike Dietz Real Estate Team
BREIC www.BoiseRealEstateInvestmentclub.blogspot.com

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

BREIC Mike Dietz RE Team Wine Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HI All,
We had a great evening with Greg Pinneo last night.  If you want some information on Greg just give one of the team a call, or call Terry Larson.  We will have Wine from 5 to 6 PM on the front porch.  Bring yourself and if you like, a bottle of your favorite and perhaps a munchie.  Jen, we are going to start at the FH!
Masterminds gets together today at 11 AM and we go look at a prospect if we can come to agreement.
Wendy Works Realty / Mike Dietz Real Estate Team
BREIC www.BoiseRealEstateInvestmentclub.blogspot.com