Thursday, July 31, 2014

BREIC monthly meeting August 5th

Investors of the World!!!!

Meetings have been pretty tight this summer.  Don't let the season go by missing out on BBQ and discussion on investing.  During these warm evenings we meet at the Old Firehouse.  The meetings start at 6 PM and go to about 7 30 PM.  We will be discussing Appraisals at next months meeting.  The communication has been taken out of appraisals.  The only time we have to pounce on the appraiser is when they call to schedule their trip to the house.  It can be a tricky situation as you might imagine.  We do not have much recourse when they bring in the value off our own market analysis.  Come to the meeting express your opinion and learn from other investors in the group. 

Things have sure picked up.  The market still has its ups and  downs but it is definitely on the upward tide.  NOD possibilities  are still there but fewer to go after.  There is a huge backlog of cases to market to.  I'm not against teaming up with investors.  There is plenty of business to go around.  If you need to find some inventory for your business or add to your rental fleet or you are a Flip Machine, we can team up with you.  We have a life time of experience to offer.  I personally have been investing in real estate for 40 years.



From the whole Mike Dietz Team

Thursday, July 10, 2014

breic catfish time

I'm cooking  two huge catfish at the FH today.  Anyone is invited .  I will try to have them done by 5 PM.  Not sure how to go about it so will look at the Internet or go with the suggestions that come in.  We can drink wine and eat catfish.  If you want to discuss my favorite subject we can do that too.  Hit and run or bring a favorite beverage to share.  This could be fun!  THANKS to MARSHALL the nail guy.  Make it a point to seek him out  and thank him.