Sunday, November 30, 2014

BREIC/ Mike Dietz Realtor GRI/ WendyWorks Realty

We had a great BIRD DAY ate lot of Turkey and sides went Wine tasting Friday and opened Sun Valley On Saturday!  We must live in the greatest location in the USA.  Our monthly General Meeting will take place on Tuesday at 6 PM.  Jonathan Chick Lender to the world has arranged a live tale-conference  which will begin just after announcements and personal introductions.  We need to borrow a PROJECTOR!!!  Please call me Monday if you can solve our  problem.  Short post don't forget to come to the meeting.  Bring a friend. 

Mike Dietz Realtor GRI
WendyWorks Realty

Friday, November 28, 2014

The Day After

What a turkey day!!!  Like the rest of the nation we ate too much and drank just about the correct amount of adult beverage.  Cinderella and I went to our baby's house and had a great time.  We are going to Sun Valley tomorrow and ski for the day and head home Sunday PM.  Today we are going on a wine tour put together by Diane.  I'm sure there is room for a few more.  While at Alex's yesterday I noticed the house across the street had been sold which is nice.  The only problem is it got sold to a so-called non- profit for $40,000 under the asking price!  Do you smell a scam here?  They appear to be preparing the house for a flip.  I wonder what the managers / owners of this scam machine take out for "management"??  In my opinion and only my opinion if it doesn't seem right there is a smell there.

I just had a call from a "concerned" neighbor next to the home I manage at 1213 N 16th.  He wanted to make sure I selected the best tenant possible.  I think what I try to do is select the biggest scum bag and hope he pays some rent.   What does he think we try to do?  How rude of him.  We are going to select the best possible tenants possible with substantial money in reserve.  I have made mistakes before and I will make mistakes in the future.  It is not in our best interest to blow it but it does happen.  Don't call a property manager and rub a less than acceptable tenant in his/her face.  Believe me they are aware of the situation and are attempting to rectify it.

That's it,

Mike Dietz / WendyWorks Realty


Friday, November 21, 2014

Mike Dietz / WendyWorks / BREIC


View my newest remodel ready for the market.  4 BR 2 BA total make over  in the White Water area the hottest upcoming spot in BOISE.  You just might want this one!  A good excuse for a party.

Thanks Thanks Thanks

Mike  (Fred to those that know me)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mike Dietz / WendyWorks Realty

Things seem to be moving as fast .  I'm in the mood for buying some income property.  Lenders are actually starting to market their loan packages.  I have heard of First time Buyers having the ability to purchase their first home with as little as $1,000 down.  Shades of years gone by!!  If you know some first time Buyers send them our way.  This is a great time to enter the Real estate market.  How about construction loans with a ONE- TIME CLOSE?  There is no excuse for sitting on the sidelines any more.  Get out there and make it happen. 

Our December General Meeting will be on December 2nd at 6 PM at Stewart Title on River Street backside of Cotton Wood Grill.  The program is going to be packed so arrive early.  You may of course bring an adult beverage and a snack to share.  We have time to assist you with a sale  or purchase.  Put our experience to work for you.

On a personal note my Parkinson's is under control.  Cindy is the best care giver alive.  It is a ME disease.  I have to be very careful not to think the world revolves around me.  I happen to have an inconvenience but surely not a handicap.  Thanks  for all the good wishes.  Happy Hollidays 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mike Dietz Realtor / Wendy Works Realty BREIC

Our November General Meeting Went just swell!  We have moved to our new location at Stewart Title on River St.  My goal in 2015 is to put together a group of like minded investors  that would be interested in purchasing homes and remodeling and flipping  them.  We are going to enter a wonderful market with lots of opportunities.  If you are interested in joining up with the new group come to the next General Meeting.  We will discuss the formation of the group and begin to put together the rules and regulations.  We don't know if we are going to formulate the group with three people or Twenty.  We are totally open to the interests of prospective members.  This is exciting stuff!

On that same note we have just completed a remodel at 3014 Hester.  It is a 4 Bedroom 2 full bath  almost 1800 SF home. The entire main level has Laminate Flooring.  The Kitchen cabinates have been refinished and  ceramic tile installed on the decks.  The entire yard has new turf.  We will have a party Friday atter 5 PM.  There will be Champagne Bud Lite and wine and some bites to munch on.  If you would like to bring an adult beverage or something to munch on please do so!  DIRECTIONS: West on State Street  South on Whitewater  East on Stewart, North on Vail,  Park and come in and PARTY.


See you Friday

Mike Dietz Realtor GRI
Wendy Works Realty

Sunday, November 2, 2014

BREIC Mike Dietz /WendyWorks Realty

Don't forget the General Meeting Tuesday at 6 PM at Stewart Title next to CottonWood Grill on River Street.  The new location is fantastic.  Stephanie Coffey is just wonderful to work with.  She goes out of her way to make sure our closings are smooth.  If you want to bring an item to nibble on and/or a bit of adult beverage that would be fine!  I'm holding open our listing in the Foothills at 1410 N Knights Drive and the adjoining vacant lot.  The house is almost 4000 SF and it includes a spa and a pool.  The house is $513,000 or $565,000 with the lot.  The lot alone is $125,000.  The owner is in the process of doing a lot line adjustment as the corner of the garage and the pool equipment  encroach on the lot.  It is a gorgeous setting a corner lot pretty flat for easier building.  If you have properties that need managing we have you covered.  I have almost 40 years on the job so experience we do not lack.

See you Tuesday!

--Mike Dietz GRI Realtor