Wednesday, February 25, 2015



It was great talking with you earlier. I have ordered one of our marketing kit to be shipped out to you next week. It won’t make it in time for your meeting so I went ahead and attached several items to this email which you might find helpful. Visit our website and we have lots of great content under the Resources section.

Below is a direct link for your members to sign up for the Community Buying Group benefits on behalf of Boise Real Estate Investment Club:

Also I want to follow up with you so we can get you connected with the Lowe’s discount. I have attached information on those benefits as well as an application. Any of your members who are flipping houses really need to take advantage of this benefit.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I look forward to working with you and getting your members more engaged with our program.

Jason E. Kerr  |  Association Program Manager  | Community Buying Group
226 SE Douglas Street, STE 204, Lee's Summit, MO 64063
816-282-6310  Ex: 104   |   Fax 816-282-6307

Monday, February 23, 2015

BREIC March Verndor Fair yearly event

First Tuesday of March  6 PM  Stewart Title 913 W River St  STE 100  (west side of Cotton Wood Grill)

We are always open to new members.  We meet at the Stewart Title on River Street the first Tuesday at 6 PM.  March's meeting is our annual Vendor Fair.  We invite too many support people with the idea that they could be a perfect match with our members and enhance the member's team.

Below is a list of some of the companies and individuals invited to participate in the Vendor Fair.  

Mike Dietz GRI Real Estate Sales Team WendyWorks 866-4041
Robert Reinhardt Eclipse Property Management 957-4513
Erin Ferguson Mountain America789-3044 Mortgage Loan Originator
Insurance Olivia Castanos 866-7308
Handyman  Ray the Handyman  AANG     893-5138
JR Reinhardt 570-0736
Casey Emmons Newlook 859-8242
Team Construction  Brandon Thurston 208-898-9882
Title Stephanie Coffey Stewart Title  287-8040
Attorney Wade Curtis 336-8442 344-5095
 Collins Brothers Painting 869-1199
Electrical  Beacon Electric Ron Zimmerman  850-7167
Fencing landscaping clean up haul off misc muck out Newlook 859-8242
General Contractor Mark Russell 866-5300
Cleaning  Deb's Cleaning 562-7655
Home Inspection  Bent Nail Davin Strand 869-5557
Interior Design Staging Ladies 322-0895 / 344-5832
Mini Storage  Compton Storage
Painting Tile & Stone JR Reinhardt 353-1280
Roofing Miles Gunning 440-9833
Carpet cleaning  Clint Hughs  830-8215
Home Warranty of America Lori Apodaca 761-1666
Accountant Ron Crow 853-1001
Appraiser John Mishikawa 484-2543
Computer guru repair set up ect……..Jason Gretz  440-2879
Sprinklers Casey Emmons Newlook 859-8242
Heating and AC  375-2770
Hard Money Lending Butch Wells 450-3685
Impact Zone Brett Labit 861-0622
Marketing Network  Impact Zone Brett Labit  861-0622

Mike Dietz Realtor GRI
WendyWorks Real Estate Group
BREIC Boise Real Estate Investment Club

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

We had a great meeting last night.  We discussed IRA's and how to make use of them in our Real Estate investing plan. 


Thank you for coordinating the webinar last night—John felt it went well.  We’d like to send a follow up to everyone that was in attendance last night and include the free downloads John talked about.  Is it possible to get the attendance list (name, email and phone—if possible)…as you know, John is responsible for producing leads; this way, we can count the people that he talked to as a lead.

Again, thank you for putting this together.  Hope to meet you in person in the field at a future event.

Thank you,


Kent Kinzer - National Business Development Mgr
Equity Trust1 Equity Way
Westlake, Ohio 44145
(P) 888-382-4727 x7330

We also heard from Red Roof Property Management.  The advantage of Red Roof would appear to be their size on based on multiple state presence.  If they need a repair completed they have a crew on staff to take care of it.  They even have an attorney on staff! 

We heard about Glycoscience the new frontier of medicine.  It is the missing link in human nutrition.  The company has a goal to help stop hunger in the world.  Glyconutrients  are biologically active sugars that serve a critical role in health by ensuring Proper cell-to-cell communication.  I cannot begin to describe them.  I would suggest you call the Speaker Gail McClellan  and have her explain how you can get involved.

So that is it in a nutshell.  If you didn't come you  missed out.  Next month we will invite several vendors to come and speak.  The meeting will go fast!  We call it the Vendor Fair.  We hope to see you.  Call if you have any questions.


Mike Dietz Realtor GRI
WendyWorks Realty

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

BREIC February General Meeting

6 PM at Stewart Title 913 W River St  (west side of Cotton Wood Bldg)  We have some action packed excitement today.  We are going to have some people call in and we will put them on the overhead.  We are going to discuss funding $$ for your projects,  using your retirement finds for Real Estate investment and some exciting educational opportunities.  We will top all that off with networking  and seeing old friends  and catching up!  I will bring a bottle of adult beverage.  You are invited to bring the same or perhaps a snack.  Bring a friend your mom or sister or best friend. 

We hope to see you


Mike Dietz Realtor GRI
WendyWorks Realty