Wednesday, December 4, 2013

BREIC Boise Real Estate Investment Club Mike Diet Team

Wow we had a good time at the General meeting last night!!!
Johnathan  Chick of City First Mortgage fame did a great job with the elephant in the closet question,WHAT ABOUT FINANCING?
We also started a new conversation on planning and deciding our own future in the coming years.  Everyone always says work the plan but you have to have a PLAN to do it.  Our next meeting will be the first Tuesday of January at 6 PM at Stewart Title on Emerald.  We at the Mike Dietz Real Estate Team always make time for our friends in the investment business.  One of us can meet with you at just about any time.  Again thanks for the attendance last night and we certainly hope you got something out of the meeting.

Mike Dietz
Wendy Works Realty

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