Monday, December 30, 2013

BREIC *MIke Dietz on the loose

 Hi There!

We are on an NOD adventure!  As in Notice of Default regarding one's mortgage.  If you are interested in purchasing Properties as "Short Sales"  get together with the Mike Dietz Team and we will have you in the middle of the distressed property game.  You will need to have your money lined up to facilitate a fast closing once the Lender produces a letter of acceptance.  If you have your money liquid it could be possible to obtain a authorization for credit release from the home owner and if they approve you may pay off the mortgage for the amount owed.  Depending on the amount owed you could be obtaining the property under value!  We only work the Treasure Valley market.  If you are interested in working with us contact a team member.  We do not take on every investor that contacts us.  We have to be compatible and all on the same page.  This requires a commitment from both of us. 

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