Monday, May 20, 2013


Hello Fellow Real Estate Investors!
      Mike will be going to Portland this weekend for his Mom's Memorial Service.  If you need anything, feel free to call Robby for assistance. 208-703-7604
        Business has sure picked up!  If anyone has a property they are contemplating to sell, now is the time for us to get on it!  Same goes if you are interested in buying a property!  Prices are going up as homes are becoming scarce.  Interest rates seem to be creeping as well.
Hold the middle of July open.  We are going to have Mike's 60th Birthday Party up in McCall on his lot!  It will be hootin' fun time!!  We will still be open for discussing business of course..
Here is a rumor to spread...  the BREIC could be moving it's location.  Stay tuned.
The members who came to the last meeting enjoyed the case study immensely!  If anyone would like to share one of their projects with the group please contact us immediately.
 Wine Wed. has been well excepted this last year.  This year we will be varying the locations a bit.  We are going to meet at Tastings in Parkcenter, here at the Firehouse, Mike's house around the pool, and Jen's House.  As usual, bring a bottle of wine, and a poo poo of your choice.
We have 2 or 3 people getting ready to join our Team over the next month or so. This should allow us to provide even better service to our clients and customers.  No matter how busy we seem to be, there is always time for our favorite clients, the BREIC!
We will see you all on the 4th of June at 6pm
Robby, Mike, and the Team
Silvercreek Realty Group
208-866-4041, 208-703-7604

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