Monday, May 20, 2013


HI All
What a gas we had this week end.  We  loaded up the magic bus and took it to our property in McCAll.  It was still a ghost town and oh so refreshing.  Saw Tom Burke roaming the streets something about a lease option in BAker City.  Ck with Tom or his able side kick Janna.  Rumors have it that Bill Neves put together a successful owner carry with a FSBO.  Todd and Beau did a fantastic job describing their latest conquest.  They provided pictures, flow charts and bottom line results for everyone to see.  Every member would like to see presentations such as this at our General Meetings.  Contact us!  William O Connor was absolutely wonderful in his review of landlord tenant relationships.  Robby had a lot to say we just need to prod him along a bit.  Todd and Beau's remodel was assisted greatly by Steve and his crews.  Robby loves SHORT SALES  run em through him  You will be glad you did.  Put the week of July 20 on your calendar.  We are going to be studding Real Estate strategies up in McCAll
Don't forget Wine Wed has changed locations to Tasting's in Park Center.  There are all sorts of wine for every pocket book and tasty buds.  We'll see you there.  Cynthia S came along with her husband to last Wed event, along with my friends Betty JO and Vic Grimly.  Will Robert Randall ever join us?  Believe it or not that is the plan.  Bring some business our way  we will all appreciate it!
Thanks,  Call us with suggestions
Robby Reinhardt  Realtor
Mike Dietz Realtor GRI
Silvercreek Realty Group

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