Wednesday, March 18, 2015

April General meeting BREIC 4-7-15

This year is going fast!  In my opinion this is the year to refinance take the money you pull out buy additional properties at today's low interest rates and make out like a bandit.  Get hold of one of us on the team and let's get going.  I am going to be out for a while from March26 to April 4th.  As many of you know I have Parkinson's.  My tolerance for the medication is becoming bothersome.  On the 25th of March two holes will be drilled on my head and electrodes attached.  Then on the 31st Wires will be inserted in my neck and a pacemaker like device will be placed under the skin  of my chest.  Finally a week or so later Dr Morgan will calibrate the whole system and I will be a new man!  I'm a bit nervous but onward and upward. 

Thanks for all your thoughts,

Mike Dietz

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