Tuesday, December 2, 2014

BREIC Tonights General meeting


I would appreciate if you could send the below information out to all your members 

Cheri Tree , A highly sought out after sales trainer will be sharing her system called BANK to increase your sales by 300%

                     WHAT IS B.A.N.K.?

The BANK™ Personality Sales Training System is a revolutionary training program designed to increase your sales up to 300%. This system was designed and formulated over the past decade by its author and creator, Cheri Tree.
After having studied various personality type programs, Cheri realized that none of the other programs helped her make more money or close more sales. The missing link, she discovered, allowed her to reverse engineer the concept of the four personality types in a way that specifically categorized people according to how they buy or simply say Yes.
     This presentation will be one you won't want to miss!!!

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