Friday, September 19, 2014

BREIC Mike Dietz Real Estate Team WendyWorks Realty

Wow a busy week!  My Rental house on 3014 Hester was trashed by renters.  I'm going to sell it when we get it all stiched up.  So if you want a nice remodeled home in the South of State off 27th North End it should come in at $185,000.  If you want to buy it as it sits you can have it for $150,000.  You would have to tell me by Monday as we are going to order all the supplies to transform the home from oblivion to excellence.  We are going to come in out of the cold in October.  We will  meet at Stewart Title on River Street next to Cottonwood.  So don't forget the first Tues in October at 6 PM.  The worlds best Title person Stephanie Coffey has made all the arrangements for us.  You DO have a choice when you close a transaction.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone that took the summer off.  The rumors appear to be true that I am going to have a hole drilled in my head.  I told the Doctor they wouldn't find anything so we will wait and see.  Parkinsons patients of the world unite!  Come see me at my open house on Sunday.

Mike Dietz
WendyWorks Realty

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