Friday, August 29, 2014

BREIC Mike Dietz Realo Estate investment Club

Mike Dietz Here,

I got cut off  from my last entry.  My main point was to get off your fat ass and make it happen..  If you just lack the  confidence to pull the trigger then spend the  nest few days with me and observe me making decisions every few minutes.  We have had speakers that charge several hundred $$$$ to spend the day with them.  I do not charge you a thin dime!!!!!!!!!!!!  You have the opportunity of your lifetime to get off the couch and become totally financially  independent.  I'm not going too be around that much longer.  I have several things wrong with this failing body.  You won't have me to pass on my 40 years of buying and selling Real Estate much longer.  Get your bananas to our next meeting and  tie your financial future to following the Mike Dietz investment plan.  You have to be activley seeking Real estate  opportunities to succeed.   I won't think any l;ess of you if you just just sit on your butt and eat my poo poos.  Just remember  you had a chance to work work with someone who did it on his own developed a system and laughed at the ass holes that try to make it a mystery.


Mike Dietz Realtor GRI
WendyWorks Real;ty

PS:  I am so lucky to hang my hat with the magnificent Wendy Northcut!!!!  And don't forget  the power behind the worlds best sales person..................FORD NORTHCUT

I enjoy everyone some more than than others.

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