Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June General Meeting BREIC

Yes there are profits in Real Estate Virginia!
Tuesday at 6+ PM we will have our monthly meeting at 1011 W Williams.  It will be a BBQ and networking and speakers.  The market has heated up and deals are available to be developed. Cindy and I are at the coast we will return in time for the meeting.  If you have immediate needs or concerns contact anyone on the Mike Dietz Team.  Congratulations to Ms. Jordan of Guilde Mortgage Fame for helping close a tough one.  She sure gets the job done.  Something I was reminded of is that we don't have to work with unpleasant people.  Take care of those that look out for you.  If someone wants to work the NOD list with me just give me a shout and we will have some fun.
See you Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike Dietz and the best Real Estate Team in Boise
dMike Dietz Real Estate Group / Wendy Works Realty

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