Tuesday, May 6, 2014

BREIC Mike Dietz Real Estate Team Monthly General Meeting

Hello Fellow Real Estate Junkies,
If you have enjoyed our meetings and our Wine Wednesdays you will love our new format  for our Monthly General Meetings.  If you want to bring some of your favorite wine and / or delectable Delight please do so.  This months keynote speaker is Jonathin Chick, Lender to the Stars.  He has access to hard money and since he works for a Bank he has killer deals on owner occupied.  We would ask any other member that is a Lender to also put yourself on the firing line.  Remember we are at the Firehouse now 1011 W Williams and we start at 6:30 PM.  The market is heating up.  We have had several Buyers loose out on their chosen  home because another Buyer came in above asking price.  The lower end of the market is very tight.  If  someone wants to work with me on NOD's see me tonight and we will let you be the one to send in our offer to the bank.  Of course you need to put in an offer that you think the third party Lender (bank) will accept.
See You This Evening!!!!!!!!

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