Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lunch with Robby Or the Mike & Robby Road show

TODAY!  We meet at 2965 N Caradoc near 5 mile and Ustick.  Currently it has 3 br and 1.5 ba.  REO property  Vacant so we won't hurt any ones feelings.  It has 98 DOM so perhaps Homepath is ready to hear a realistic offer might I say closer to $60000.  We willl meet at the home at noon and bring our own lunches and analyze as a group the home..  What would we have to pay for it  what repairs what demolition any total deal killers?  This should be fun.  Each Thursday we will meet at a different house and discover what offer we need to make to come out profitable and a win win deal for all parties.
Mike & Robby
Wendy Works Realty / Mike Dietz Real Estate Team

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