Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Hello all,
Today is wine Wednesday 5 PM at the Firehouse.  If you have a favorite wine bring it along as well as a poo poo.  This is lots of fun.  We budget the time for an hour but we typically run over!  At least once  a month we will meet at the Firehouse.
Some serious news we have moved brokerages to Wendy Works Realty,  Wendy Northcut Broker.  Some members were concerned that our last brokerage was not investor friendly.  Personally I thought they supported our club in any way we requested.  The meeting location has changed to Stewart Title on Emerald.  The time is still 6 PM to 7:30PM.  We try to have at least 2 presenters. 
Wednesdays at 10 AM we have a Mastermind meeting at the Firehouse.  The meeting lasts about an hour and then you go out and conquer the world.
Wendy Works Realty / Mike Dietz Real Estate Team
I’m looking to get a promise note for 7% or 8% over the course of 5 years. After that time the owner would refi conventional. This cash investor has a damaged credit score but would be will to purchase the property below and turn it into a rental.
She would:  put down $18,000 towards the purchase price of $118,000 and have the note for $100,000. Again no more than 7% or 8% for the full five years of the note.
This is the property being purchased.
Any referrals or leads would be greatly appreciated.

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