Monday, October 15, 2012

BREIC Mike Dietz RE Team news & Notes 10-15-12

Hello fellow RE Investors,
It would seem like now is the time to break back into the Holding market.  We would suggest using some creative financing.  The first thing to do is determine what the seller needs and build your offer around those needs.Talk to the team and let's get rock 'in and Roll 'in.  Our next meeting is November 6th at 1099 S Wells in the Silvercreek training room.  Some people say the best thing about the meetings is the delectable delights supplied by Ray the Handyman!  I would have to agree.  We are going to dedicate this next meeting to finding investment property and determining alternative methods of gaining control.  Wine Wednesday just will not rest until spring.  Jennifer and I will still meet with whoever wants to come and have a glass of wine on Wednesday at 5 PM.  Bring some wine and / or treat to share. owned by the TV people Flip this House is rolling out a nationwide website in the next two weeks and our BREIC is the Idaho contact.   This could be huge for our members.  The opportunities are tremendous.
618 Linden  two houses on one lot.  2 BR 1 BA and 1 BR 1 BA  Large lot always rented.
Rents are $750 + $100 for utilities and $600 + $50 for utilities  At $125,000 this will cash flow.  Catch a BREIC member and obtain a nice asset.
1502 Sunrise Manor  Four plex Close in near Fairview and Five Mile.  Well maintained grounds through a HOA.    Covered parking and storage.  Put together your numbers and add to your portfolio.  $225,000.

Richard (Mike) Dietz Realtor GRI 208-866-4041
Robby Reinhardt Realtor 208-703-7604
Kirk Mac Realtor 208-949-6679
Silvercreek Realty Group Member
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