Tuesday, March 6, 2012

BREIC Mike Dietz Real Estate Team news & picks 3-6-12

Fellow RE Investors,
This is the day!  Our Vendor Fair consumes our March General Meeting at 6 PM to about 7:30 PM  1099 S Wells  Eagle exit North side of Hwy 84 west of Eagle Rd.  This is the meeting when you begin to or add to your investment team!  We will have many of the trades people and skilled support people that you might need to keep your investment machine well oiled and firing on all eight cylinders.  On top of that the worlds most famous Handyman Ray Reinhardt will be serving ROAST BEAST.  If you do anything at least come for the BEAST.  The market has indeed picked up.  We have several clients that have been out bid and outright run over by the amount of ready buyers.  Homes under $150,000 have been going in one or two days and some have more than ten offers.  If you were ever going to jump in now is the time.  Multi family is still a bargain if you watch your numbers, and commercial is a slumbering giant.  Single Family is seeing the early action.  Give the Mike Dietz Real Estate Team a call and put Alex, Robby,and myself to work!  Don't miss the next bubble!
We will see you tonight,

Richard (Mike) Dietz Realtor GRI 208-866-4041
Alex Dietz Daughter Realtor 208-949-8601
Robby Reinhardt Realtor 208-703-7604
Silvercreek Realty Group Member
Property Management Services
BREIC www.BoiseRealEstateInvestmentClub.blogspot.com
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