Monday, February 20, 2012

BoiseRealEstateInvestmentClub: BREIC Mike Dietz Real Estate Team news & picks 2-0...

BoiseRealEstateInvestmentClub: BREIC Mike Dietz Real Estate Team news & picks 2-20-12

HI there fellow RE Investors,
What a time to be an investor. We are putting our property hold and flip on the front burner. We seem to be getting more Buyers daily and Short Sales are there for the Pain they cause. We are putting together packages for homes we select. You can participate at any level desired. Ray the Handyman of Hotdog fame is on board to complete the renovations. We hope to put out one prospective property a week.
The General Meeting on March 6 is our annual Vendor Fair.See below the list of vendors invited. There is still time for you to sign on as a vendor or to recommend someone. We will give each Vendor present an opportunity to introduce themselves and then when all have done so members can proceed to interrogate them and hopefully add to their investment team. Don't forget to sign up for the balance of the year!
MLS # 98487590 Duplex West Boise 6602 W Ustick Rd $125,000 2 units 8 parking spots Built in 1953 2877 SF BRICK! Unit #1 4 BR 2 BA PR $800 Unit # 2 2 Br 1 BA PR $600 Call the Mike Dietz Real Estate Team to check it out and to plug in your #'s.

BREIC Vendor Fair

Invited to attend the 2012 Vendor Fair 3-6-12

Realtor / Mike Dietz Real Estate Sales Team Mike Realtor Silvercreek 866-4041

Alex Dietz Realtor Silvercreek 949-8601

Robby Reinhardt Realtor Silvercreek 703-7604

Mortgage David Cathrae Waterstone Mortgage 387-7407

Insurance Gilbert Tuning Farm Bureau Gilbert Tuning Farm Bureau 375-3411 x2512

Handyman Ray the Handyman 893-5138

Management & Property maintenance JR Reinhardt 353-1280 Mike Dietz 866-4041

Title Stephanie Coffey, Stewart 287-8040

Electrical Beacon Electric Ron Zimmerman 850-7167

Fencing Casey Emmons 859-8242, Ray the Handyman 893-5138

General Contractors Mark Russell / 866-5300

Carpenter, cabinet maker Ray the Handyman 893-5138

Cleaning Olivia Castanos 866-7308

Home Inspections: Bent Nail Inspections Davin Strand 869-5557

Interior Design/Staging /Staging Ladies 322-0895/Darla’s344- 5832

Landscape New Look Landscape Casey Emmons 859-8242

Painting Ray the Handyman 893-5138, Don Dallas 893-5197

Roofing Miles Gunning / 440-9833

Stone & Tile Ray the Handyman 893-5138

Carpet Jake Gunning 283-1380

Vinyl Jake Gunning 283-1380

Plumbing Can ADA Dave

Carpet cleaning Clint Hughes 830-8215

Property Management JR Reinhardt 353-1280, Mike Dietz 866-4041

Home Warranty Of America Lori Apodaca 761-1666

Accountant Ron Crow 853-1001, 861-2903 cell

Thomas D Cervino CPA, P.L.L.C. 871-2784

Attorney Wade Curtis 336-8442

Appraiser John Mishikawa 484-2543

Computer Virus update Internet Jason Gretz 440-2879

Sprinklers Casey Emmons 859-8242

Heating and Air Conditioning A+ Energy Management David Cole 484-2907

Foreclosures Idaho Data Providers Charlie Nate 846-9088

Hard money lending Dale Voris 362-6874 / Daniel Steckert 860-4764

2012 Topics

1-3-12 Cindy Woyak Business planning 2-7-12 Bent Nail & John Mishakowa

3-6-12 Vendor Fair 4-3-12 staging, decorating, storing

5-1-12 forms of business 6-5-12 IRA Tax input

7-3-12 Home Warranty 8-7-12 Lender Panel

9-4-12 Title 10-2-12 Greg Pineo

Richard (Mike) Dietz Realtor GRI 208-866-4041
Alex Dietz Daughter Realtor 208-949-8601
Robby Reinhardt Realtor 208-703-7604
Silvercreek Realty Group Member
Property Management Services

WE love referrals!

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