Monday, January 9, 2012

BREIC Mike Dietz Sales Team news & picks 1-9-12

Hey RE Investors,
We had an interesting week end, less the normal skiing two hours Sat and Sun morning, up by 9 AM Down by 1 PM.   Everyone get together and "THINK SNOW".  Make an old fat guy with PD a happy camper. 
 Our General Meeting on Tuesday went pretty well.  Cindy Woyak Broker for Silvercreek Real Estate Group was our featured speaker.  She was wonderful, talking about making a business plan and reviewing and tweaking it periodically.  It was also brought up that certain Investors mostly students of Greg Pineo would like direct access one on one with MLS Listed property Sellers.  The reasons Sellers list with a Realtor are many but primarily for the negotiating and sales skills that their Realtor possesses.  Most Sellers do not want direct contact with prospective Buyers.  A Win-Win transaction is what we all should strive to achieve.  If you want to be a successful Investor and negotiate with Sellers take a different path.  Develop your own Seller leads, negotiate on neutral ground, and construct an offer that fits both your needs and those of the Seller.  As a Realtor I have no problem asking the Listing Agent to allow a Buyer to present an offer directly to the Seller.  If I represented the Seller I would advise him/her to not get in an uncomfortable position that they are not experienced in.  I would have a duty to the Seller to insolate them and act as a buffer.  So if you are an Investor that wants direct access to Buyers through a MLS Listed property, ask your Realtor (hopefully from our team) to put it together and you prepare to compromise on access, time, location, and attendees.  If you insist on one on one direct negotiation develop your own marketing plan, stay ahead of agency law, and always put together Win-Win deals.  A Realtor is on your side weather you are a Buyer or a Seller!  As a Realtor I am not the enemy of Investors.  Perhaps Real Estate Agents could be seen as the grease that keeps the wheels spinning.  We can return to this subject at the next meeting if desired.
MLS # 98484498  NW Boise  3900 W Pine Ave  $44,900 3 BR 1 BA Single Level  952 SF
Built in 1971, REO  Contact Alex, Robby, and Mike
MLS # 98484776 SW Boise  6830 Ironwood  $50,900  3 BR 1 BA Single Level  1056 SF  Cosmetic fixer upper sold "as is".  Built in 1975, .42 acres, Fox Meadow Sub, REO  Contact Alex, Robby, And Mike.
MLS # 98384768  SE Boise  1011 W Williams (corner of Boise Ave and Broadway)  $3200 rental income.  $395,000  Old Firehouse commercial office and retail built in 1906, Plenty of parking road visibility.  Building sectioned A/C & Heating.  Great owners  will negotiate directly with prospective Buyers............Realtor owned.  Contact Robby, Alex and Mike.

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